Creating a Spiritual Anchorpoint at Times of Difficulty


Spiritual anchoring at times of distress permits a movement toward the soul which holds peace and trust, even while the outer self may be in difficulty.

There is a need, especially at times of heightened difficulty or distress, to have available a spiritual means of anchoring oneself in one’s larger identity so that the challenges of the time can be managed from a place of spaciousness within.

Such a spiritual anchorpoint is not a technique as much as it is a way of contacting an inner knowing that all is held in God including the circumstances that are difficult. This understanding makes the difference between moving through a time of distress with a sense of being upheld and guided, versus moving through the same terrain with a feeling of being alone.

Many souls have experienced a sense of aloneness over lifetimes due to the energies of separation that have actively influenced consciousness, as well as to the nature of physical embodiment which creates, through the structure of the brain, the experience of things being separate from each other. The inner knowing that all is held in God reverses this isolation. It allows the outer self to join with the inner, to know and feel that no matter what the difficulty, one’s inner being is safe and secure as are those belonging to one’s loved ones.

The problem in locating such a spiritual anchorpoint lies in the willingness to seek a deeper understanding of events than the one that appears on the surface. This is often difficult to do for the embodied self because the body, which contains both mental activity and emotions, can experience pain of such intensity that it feels that only the pain is real, rather than that only God is real. The translation of awareness from the outer perspective to the inner, with a priority being given to the inner reality, can dispel the exclusive hold of physical reality on one’s awareness, even when painful situations arise. It can relocate the center of consciousness to a deeper place within the self where hope remains and where trust in the unfolding future remains.

This is the challenge of the present time, and it involves the willingness to recognize oneself first and foremost as a soul created by God, and secondly, the ability to hold that recognition as most true, even when painful circumstances surround the outer self.

Holding the reality of oneself as a soul, it is possible, even in the presence of difficulty, to feel held by the spiritual matrix in which the soul lives — the air and breath that God infuses into every aspect of life, including the physical. This capacity to partake of the divine Breath makes of even painful situations something else. It allows them to become bearable. It allows the outer self to feel supported by the larger context which consciousness holds.

The illusion of external reality is that it is all there is. The role of spiritual anchoring is to dispel this illusion and to create the awareness that God is all there is, even in the presence of pain, even in the presence of difficulty.

Anchoring as a technique can be practiced in many ways: through the breath, through meditation or prayer, through the use of healing tools. In whatever way one feels comfortable with, anchoring supports the process of shifting from the outer self to the inner, from the pain of the external situation to the peace of the soul. It also permits individual consciousness to separate itself more fully from whatever interpretation collective opinion places on a situation, allowing one’s inner truth to gain ascendance.

This is the nature of anchoring, and at times of distress it needs to be practiced with greater determination and frequency. Such a practice allows the blessing of Divine guidance and help to flow more freely into one’s consciousness and being, creating greater ease and showing the way through even situations that appear to have no way through. Blessings. 

Meditative Prayer:

May I be shown the way through this situation, beloved God. May the way be made clear. May my soul convey to my mind and heart, that which will show the way.


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