To Be a Wayshower


The unity of All contains the plane of duality not separate from the rest, but part of the rest. For the One holds all within itself and there is nothing outside of it.

Nevertheless, within human form, human beings must deal with this duality as their souls have chosen, and with the darkness that manifests within it both inside and outside the body. The means for doing so are given to the soul’s understanding even if the outer self may know little about it, and are part of the reason for the soul’s having taken birth.

The domain in which each embodied soul may offer itself in a path of service that others may follow is unique, as are the qualities of soul that allow it to pursue that path.

For some, it is possible within a given lifetime to be easily reunited with the original unity and to live in this consciousness in the midst of that which is unlike it. Yet for most, such a shift cannot take place through a simple effort of mind or will. It can only take place through the determination of the heart to surrender all that is separate until nothing is left of it. Often, this process is long and painstaking, for the ways of surrender and the areas that must be reached within the human psyche that hold on to separation can be subtle and varied. Eventually, however, the embodied soul is ready to let go of the identity that has lived in separation and to fully embrace the unity that the heart seeks.

Some souls, during this process of learning, are not only learning for themselves, however, but are also creating a pathway that others may follow. They do this not through their immediate success in achieving the goal of unity that the mind holds as truth, nor through the intellectual understanding of the truth of oneness, but through the willingness to explore and encounter duality in all its many forms and effects on consciousness. Some of these ways are quite ordinary; others involve encounters with energies of opposition that would seek to maintain the embodied soul in a state of separation.

What the soul encounters of these energies and the way in which it meets such encounters are part of the soul’s learning and are unique to each individual soul. The process of learning is a process of witnessing the effect of such influences on one’s own awareness, and learning how to anchor in light and truth during this encounter. Anchoring within the deeper self at such times IS the learning, both for the one going through the process and for others who are also being shown the way. Yet this anchoring, in order to be an effective teacher, must encounter the obstacles and energies of opposition that others will find within themselves. Without experiencing such obstacles, the way through cannot be defined or offered to others.

The domain in which each embodied soul may offer itself in a path of service that others may follow is unique, as are the qualities of soul that allow it to pursue that path, and souls are attracted to one who can point the way through a process of energetic resonance that draws them to the learning that they seek at the appropriate time. All that is asked of the one who is becoming a wayshower is to walk in humility before God and to seek guidance as to how best to offer what is being learned and what is being taught. Such is the way of light, and its gifts and blessings are offered not so much through words that may be used, as through what each individual soul can embody of truth.

May all that is offered and all that is received be generous on the path of light, for there are many who seek the way, and many who can point the way, for each is a teacher of what they are learning and what they have learned.


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