Statue of Liberty  

         Why is it important that the Statue of Liberty hold a torch in her hand? It is to demonstrate the power of light over darkness, of hope over despair, of welcome over the forces of rejection. The torch of hope which the Statue holds points the way through the darkest night, through the fiercest storms, through the rages of war and the times of peace, through rain and snow, and through all that would attempt to extinguish her light. She is invincible because her strength comes from God. She is tireless, because her mission comes from God. She is fearless, because she holds God's light in her torch and knows its strength.

         Why is it important that the Statue hold a tablet in her hand? Because she upholds justice as well as liberty, and the tablet she holds affirms the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence - its date emblazoned on the tablet: July 4, 1776. This tablet honors the fundamental principles by which men must live and according to which they shall be judged, namely, that "all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The Statue of Liberty upholds these principles symbolized by her tablet, while also upholding the victory of hope against all forces of oppression that shall attempt to undo them.

         Why does she wear a crown of seven rays on her head? It is to signify the seven rays of God that manifest the physical Universe and the consciousness of souls. These seven rays are aspects of consciousness which Liberty has mastered or contains. They are the foundation for her thought, her awareness, and they link her in each of the seven ways with the consciousness of God.

         Why does she wear a flowing gown? She is dressed in this garment of mythology and antiquity to show her majesty and authority as well as her relationship with goddesses of the past. The timelessness of her gown points to her own timelessness - her linking of past, present, and future. Her crown also symbolizes majesty, and along with the gown reveals her Divine origin and eternal mission - to be the source of light and hope for mankind.