Mandala of the sacred Earth





Julie of Light Omega

Formed out of the Plenitude of the Godhead and of the Void, the holy sphere of the earth came into being as a sanctuary for the millions of souls who would experience her vast beauty, and glorify the One who had made her, the Father-Creator Spirit and Mother of the World.

For a time, the glorification of the sacred earth was part of the knowledge of all souls who inhabited her heavenly habitation, before she descended along with these souls into a more solid state.  But as souls became more separated from their point of origin in the Oneness, so, too, did the earth descend into a parallel lower vibration that was inevitable, for the increasingly separated soul-consciousness of the many was part of her being, and so the descent was also a necessary part of her being.

Glorification and praise for the bountiful earth became exceeded over time by the physical necessity created by the struggle for survival in a land no longer permeated by Divine grace. Now, individual opportunity and personal victory over both the environment and over others was what guaranteed survival.  The sanctity of the earth as the holy container and spiritual habitat of souls no longer was knowledge to the many, nor were her Divine origins.  Instead, with increasing separation of the individual soul from the Oneness, the earth, too, became increasingly seen as an object external to oneself, not as something that one was part of and lived within.

The notion of a sanctified and purified heaven on earth never departed from the earth, however, and was housed within her holy body as the central core of light which she carried throughout time and which linked her with the Oneness of the totality of all that is.

This sacred sphere, born out of the light and out of the dust created by the Mater (Mother-God) becoming matter, the earth continued to hold the developing souls within her energy body and within her physical body.  The vortex of Creation which would have permitted souls to transcend the state of separation and ascend to a higher plane was known only to a few.  For the many, the state of objectifying the earth became more and more natural, until the original perception was to all extents and purposes forgotten.

Reaching out to the Infinite, reaching out to the stars, to the planets, to the cosmos, the earth's signals concerning her own condition were made known to the collective spiritual universe as distress calls from a distant ship are made known to those who are passing by.  The universe of illuminated life watched over the earth and helped to sustain her, even as the souls who inhabited her continued to see her solidity as a natural state and continued to treat her as an object that could be used by them.

This sorry state of the earth went on and on for as long as human consciousness permitted the earth's objectification and the denial or forgetting of her Divine and sacred origins.  As a result, the energy grid which surrounded her physical body and gave sustenance to all the many life forms and ecosystems weakened, becoming separated from the source of nourishment and replenishment due to the increasing darkness that surrounded the earth that was now part of her energy body.  To say that the earth was in a frail state would be an understatement, since the frailty was dependent upon and coexistent with the fact of multiple systems of functioning being grossly out of balance.

Into this picture, the increasing momentum of light began to make itself known,  pouring its consciousness into those who could see, and know, and understand, that the earth's aliveness needed to be protected, and that man was destroying the very habitat that made continued existence possible.

Today, the restoration of balance and sanctity to the earth sphere lies before us. 

It lies in the restoration of the earth's energy body to its original state of functioning. 

It lies in the restoration of rivers and streams, mountains, and fertile beds of living soil, teeming with life.

It lies in the restoration and repair of her atmosphere, which in former times guaranteed the safety and survival of multiple species of wildlife that, today, are no longer present on the earth.


In the return to the consciousness of the earth as a living being, the results of objectification are and will continue to be reversed, and the living earth, the sacred child of the Plenitude and the Void, will be able to live once more as the holy being who blesses the multitudes of souls that dwell within her eternal embrace.



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