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Spiritual Development from Conception through Adolescence


Chaper in 'Between Parents and Children' e-Book - by Julie


This writing about the spiritual development of children describes the growth of children from the time of conception through birth, infancy, and beyond.  It gives importance to the purposes of the soul at all stages of development and explores the way in which each shapes the identity of a child.

Many beliefs that parents hold about the ways in which children grow have changed over the years as new findings have replaced the old. Today, we are at the threshold of yet another transition as understanding deepens about how mind and body are affected by the spiritual changes in the life of a child from the time of conception until the end of childhood.  Both the purposes of the soul and the energetic conditions which this soul creates have a significant effect on each child's life, infouencing all the circumstances they will encounter as they mature. 

Though today's view of child development is still oriented toward the physical and the psychological, the view of tomorrow will join these two with their more fundamental roots within the spiritual nature of each child.  It is these roots that give rise to the child's unfolding soul developoment as expressed through their embodiment, and it is these roots which define where, when, and with whom each child will come to live and to learn. 

Between Parents and Children is a chapter in the e-Book by the same name available in the Light Omega Bookshop


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