Extended Community Newsletter - No. 3
Light Omega

January, 2014
The Victory of Light
Dear Beloved Ones,
The victory of light over darkness is being accomplished now, and although the effects of this cannot yet be seen on the world stage, they are immeasurably accelerating the expansion of light within individuals and upon the Earth.
Those who have had difficulty accessing the light within, the holy inner being that is one's Divine self, will find the road more open now. Once pursued with sincerity, this road will open within the heart so that a greater sense of peace, belongingness, and the knowledge of one's own spiritual essence and life are the result. Communication from the Divine does not come to the mind but to the heart, and it is the heart that must 'ask' 'seek' and 'knock' in keeping with the biblical directive:
Matthew 7:7 - Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
This is a statement of a point of arrival today, and of new hope for those who are weary from long years of waiting.  It is that the forces of darkness that have presented so many obstacles in the past to realizing the truth of one's being are being dismantled, and their power is being returned to the light.  All blessings to the holiness of God's plan for the Earth, that what has become separated and alone, imprisoned within a world that has lost the feeling of immediacy of God's divine Presence, shall now be set free. Amen.


Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
Jan. 1st
We may enter the new year with trust and hope, for some more of one than the other.
Hope is present when we anticipate something that our hearts desire coming toward us.  It is prayerful anticipation of reaching a goal.  Trust can be present even without this.  It is the knowing that no matter what happens, good or bad, that God is eternally present and that all things are held within Divine goodness and love.  Trust is the awareness, however, faint, of our spiritual home.
Jan. 1st
There are those for whom both hope and trust are absent.  For these precious ones the way back is through love - not necessarily love for God, at first, just LOVE in any form.  Trust can be renewed in the presence of love, and those who bring this are the teachers and wayshowers.

Jan. 5th
That which covers the light within you separates you from your true self.
That which removes the covering returns you to your Divine origins.
This is the path of purification - the way home.
Jan. 12th
The perception of the world as energy is what is happening now on subtle levels, creating the feeling that the world is not solid but that things are interacting with each other at all times. This is true of you as well, you are interacting in each moment with the life around you, even when silent, even when alone.
Jan. 19th
PERMISSION TO BE lives inside you, given by God. PERMISSION TO BE is forever yours. No outer expectation can change this. No inner fear can alter it. You are forever free to be who you truly are. May the blessings of this come to all beings, everywhere.
New in January
Ancient teachings of light articulated for today's consciousness.  Principles of light for meditation and practice, illuminating the way to the Divine within. For a deeper understanding of these principles see The Calendar of Light.

Describes the 'way of manifesting' and the misconceptions that many hold about this, especially in the financial area where many wonder why life has to be so hard.

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