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November, 2013
We greet you with blessings for this new time and the upcoming new year, knowing that many have waited long for the fruition of their deepest longings.
The light that is presently enfolding the Earth is of a new kind that has not been here before.  It is bringing about changes on all levels, and bringing forward the life plans of individuals and the collective life-plan for humanity as it moves into the next stage of its evolutionary progression.
In the new moment which is each moment, let your heart be joined with the Heart of the world that holds all hearts.  Let your body feel itself to be one with the body of the Earth, and let your mind know itself to be in service to your soul and to your Divine purpose for being here.
The word for the new is 'holy.'  Let all be seen as holy.  For it is.

NEW WRITINGS in November
Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
Nov. 3rd
No one is too small to bless others.
When you see someone who evokes your sympathy, bless them inside yourself. When you see someone who evokes your compassion, bless them. When you see someone who disturbs or upsets you, bless them as well. Your blessing can even extend to those who have departed. Each blessing is a force for good.
Nov. 7th
You cannot know what the future will bring. Even those who seem to know do not. Therefore, live in the present, trust the Divine unfoldment of your life, and know that all is held in God.
Nov. 9th
There is a line between trust and mistrust of life that has to do with how difficult the challenges are that must be faced. When standing upon this line, one has a choice - to listen to the voice of the soul which lives in a state of unconditional trust, or to listen to the voice of fear as one faces the unknown. Great compassion is needed for the one that faces this choice. 
New Articles in November
Common pathways and indications of the change taking place in many people today as a function of greater spiritual light.  This change may occur with or without awareness that it is purification that is happening.  Its purpose - to bring each human being back to their divine origins. 
The Source of Hope Within - Light Omega Newsletter - Nov. 22, 2013
Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy. The legacy of hope that lives within each heart that is part of being essentially human. See 'Recent Podcasts' for audio version.
An important message about hope. In the midst of incalculable losses to specific habitats, species, and the physical body of the Earth itself, new hope is being created.

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