Mandala of Unity


Small, hardcover edition

Julie of Light Omega

"Love and Truth" is a small volume (68pp.) of poetic passages that reach to the depths of the heart's knowing to extract the truths that live there.  Without ornamentation and without the need for conceptual understanding, the message of this slim volume is one of hope and of integration.  For it spells out in simple terms how best to live in harmony with others and with oneself through the enlargement of the heart's understanding and the growth of compassion.

Those who seek more intellectual formulations may find the simplicity of this presentation less than what the mind desires, but those who seek an understanding with their heart and who possess a yearning to love more fully and with greater kindness will find a home here.  The chapter on "Trust," in particular, offers a potent though simply presented outlook on the requirements needed to make the choice for trust in life.  It offers encouragement to the heart that comes from the wisdom of the soul.  

Here is an excerpt:

"Let us begin with the principle that Truth cannot be perceived except through the eyes of love. The truth of a person's soul, for example, is not accessible to those who merely desire information about others. It is also not accessible to those who judge others according to outer characteristics. The truth of another's soul is only accessible to those who can sense the essence of another. Only in this way are souls known."


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