Light Omega Community Mailing List

Dear Beloved One,

Welcome to the Light Omega Community, whether you are here in Amherst, MA, or connecting with us worldwide. We are honored and grateful for your presence with us.


Light Omega now offers many opportunities to be involved with our work on behalf of the Earth and all beings.  There is a monthly Newsletter which you can receive by subscribing below, with timely articles by Julie and Those of the Light relating to the new energy of spiritual light now widespread upon and within the Earth.  These articles are meant to keep you informed concerning the new time we are in, and to uphold you in the presence of the Earth's transition and all that that is bringing about.. 


For those present locally, you will also receive updates concerning events in Amherst at which Julie's talks and darshans are offered, as well as events taking place at Light Omega itself. To stay current with such events, it is best to bookmark the online Light Omega Calendar which is updated regularly to keep you informed.


Those who are not nearby may also wish to subscribe to the Podcasts and Webcasts Mailing List which will allow you to receive new recordings of Julie's talks that take place at Sunday gatherings. 


We thank you for your presence upon the Earth during this sacred time of transition, and bless the gifts you are here to bring.  All blessings - Light Omega


To view past issues of the Newsletter click here.

For a list of Light Omega Resources click here.

The Newsletter will also offer updates about One World Meditations.



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