Yantra - Sacred symbol joining the human and Divine

    Purification is about the remembrance of God

and the origins of the self


Writings by Julie

 What is Purification?
     Purification - The Expansion of Light
      The Blessings of Light
Goals of Purification
      The Flowering of Spirit
      Discovering the Essential Self
Light and Darkness
      What is Light?
     Introduction to Light and Darkness
     Light and Darkness - I. Energy
     Light and Darkness - II. Free-Will
     Light and Darkness - III. Love
The Principle of Containment
The Practice of Purification: Alignment
Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment
The Purification of Doubt
Our Relationship to Pain
Letting Go
The Need for Compassion
*What is 'Alignment'?

Audio - The Practice of Alignment

Video - The Practice of Alignment
Loss of Alignment with Light
The Path of Return to Light
Anchoring in Love
Forgiveness and 'I Am'
The Point of Choice
Connecting with the Heart
Separating from Negative Emotions
The Sphere of Mirages (Illusions)
Energies of Negation
The Power of "Yes"
Foundational Truths
Dealing with Doubt
Giving One's Mind to God
False Guidance and True Guidance
Vibration of the Heart in a Time of Darkness
Words and Energy: Developing a Feeling for Truth
The Power of Deception
*What is the 'Process of Purification'?
Global Purification
The Perspective of Oneness
Our Sacred Bodies
The Power of Light
Healing the Past in the Present
Healing the Body/Mind - (See Articles)
Sacred Consciousness of Food
Belief, Faith and Knowing
Beginning a Spiritual Practice (Series)
    The Importance of Beginning
    Creating an Altar   
    The Place of Illuminated Silence
    Moving Beyond the Mind

       Audio - The Practice of Alignment

       Video - The Practice of Alignment

        Listen - Developing a Quiet Mind
       Listen - Online Meditation with Music (Video)
The Practice of Purity
The Practice of Purification: Releasing
The Practice of Sacred Breathing
Letting Go and Why It Is So Difficult
Hope, Hopelessness, and the Power of Love
The Pursuit of Rainbows
Purification and the Experience of Helplessness
The Release of the Past
The Way of Being Led
The Heart's Journey
Spiritual Bridges and the Heart's Journey
The Point of Balance - Healing for the Heart
Purification and Truth - The Task Of Light
The Natural Rhythm of Letting Go
Awakening: The Difference Between Regret and Shame
Family Relationships in a Time of Change
Learning to Live in Sacred Reality
Letting  Go and the Arrival of the New
God's Timing
Trials of Purification: Meeting the Challenge of Spiritual Growth
Creating a Spiritual Anchorpoint at Times of Difficulty
Chronic Conditions of Limitation: Their Spiritual    Purpose and Origin
To Be a Lightworker
Anger and Helplessness: A Divine Reordering

Holding Hardship in Light and God: The Challenge of Purification

The Hidden Addictions of Everyday Life
Children, Light, and Darkness
In the Presence of Hardship
     *What is the 'Purification of America'?
     Light America Spirit - America's Past and Future
     America's Response to Violence
     Message to the Beloved Ones
     Am I My Brother's Keeper?
    The Chaos Factor
    The Spiritual Destiny of America
*What is Divine Life?
Purification and the Mission of the Christ
The Holy Breath of God
Alpha and Omega
Who Are You?
The Holiness of Your Inner Being
Principles of Light and Purification
Creation of a Light-body
Embracing the Light
The Principle of Evolving Wholes
The Principle of Unified Vision
The Principle of Light in Relation to Pain and to the Soul
Earth Star Prayer
Sacrifice and the Soul's Choice
*What is a 'Network of Light'?
One World Meditations
Prayers for America
Light Omega Community Gatherings (Satsang) (Videocast)
One Earth Awakening Forum
Pathways of Light
                                                       SPIRITUAL RESOURCES
Articles on Purification
Articles on Living a Sacred Life
Articles on the Body and Healing
A Spiritual View of Depression (Series)
Energetic Influences on Depression and Despair
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Messages of Light by Request

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"The Practice of Alignment" - transformation into the light of the soul.

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