Living a Sacred Life


Julie of Light Omega

(This list contains selected articles from the Light Omega website and may also contain writings published on the Internet.  Audio portions are taken from the Calendar of Light which can be subscribed to separately. 

This list may be used as a starting point for an exploration of living a sacred life, the life of the soul on earth. A different level of understanding can be gained through regular listening to 'The Practice of Alignment' meditation and through participating in "Stepping Stones to Awareness.".



Respect for Life

Living as a Soul

The Path of the Heart

What the Birds Sing

Becoming a Holy People

Soul Awareness - The Life of the Soul

The Practice of Alignment - AUDIO



The Road to Awakening

Listening Within - The Awakening of Intuition

Living Without Blame - The Way of Peace

The Valuing of Simplicity

Living in a State of Grace

Stepping Stones To Awareness

Creating a Spiritual Practice Within Families



Article Section -  Purification, Selected Articles


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