Understanding Purification


Julie of Light Omega

(This list contains selected articles from the Light Omega website and may also contain writings published on the Internet.  Audio portions are taken from the Calendar of Light which can be subscribed to separately. 

This list may be used as a starting point for an exploration of the purification process. A different level of understanding can be gained through regular listening to 'The Practice of Alignment' meditation.



What is Purification - Part I

What is Purification - Part II

The Goals of Purification - Part I

The Goals of Purification - Part II

Introduction to Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness - Part I

Light and Darkness - Part II

The Practice of Purification - Alignment

The Practice of Alignment - AUDIO



Healing Into Light - The Purification of ... the Earth

The Principle of Containment

The Purification of Doubt

Belief, Faith, and Knowing

The Power of Light

Embracing the Light


Article Section -  Purification, Selected Articles


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