Mandala of the Soul

Purification - Becoming transparent to light.



Julie of Light Omega

A new energy is in the air. It is the energy of magic and of hope, of new possibilities and new learnings that come in ways unforeseen. The arrival of the new is based on the infusion of spiritual light onto the physical plane, enabling those who have been asleep for years or lifetimes to awaken now to themselves, to each other, to the heart of the universe. For this awakening is simultaneously an awakening to one's own individual truth and identity, and an awakening to the spiritual reality that underlies the physical that influences every part of it.

If you look into your own heart today, you may see there deeper strivings than have been present before to become yourself, a deeper longing to share love with others, a deeper sense of compassion for those who suffer. Most especially, you may find the desire to live according to your own deepest sense of purpose and to express who you are. It is this yearning to be oneself that is coming to the fore, now, as consciousness expands. With it, comes the hint of freedom and the desire to remove all obstacles that stand in the way.

Indeed, there are obstacles to surmount on the passage to freedom, and shadowy realities of the past that still cling to us. And yet the vibration of truth is in the air as is the energy of hope. It is calling us to leave behind all illusions, all roles, all ways of being that are not true to the heart, and to live according to the dictates of our own inner being. This is the path to freedom, it is the path to joy, and it is the path to the Divine and sacred reality that we are each part of.

There are messengers of hope that are broadcasting their message out loud at this time, but even more than the outer messages are the inner ones - the ones that say "awaken, what you wish for can be." This feeling of new possibility is opening up for individuals and for the entire Earth, for it is time for the Earth to move to a new level of self-awareness, and for the people of the Earth to recognize a new relationship with the planetary body.

While it is true that serious concerns of a practical and material nature are still part of the daily lives of many, it is also true that the heart can respond to its own inner life, apart from what outer circumstance dictates. It can know joy and feel possibility even in the presence of difficult times - even in the presence of circumstances that might, in the past, have caused despair.

The energy of hope is in the air. It is wafting through the windows of all hearts and bringing to each the breath of love and of light that are part of the higher realms of light, now making their way into the physical dimension. Each soul is being asked, at this time, to trust these new awareness within themselves, to trust their reality, to travel down the road of love rather than fear. For the new era of hope is dawning even in the midst of uncertainty and darkness, even in the midst of significant challenges and a future that is unclear.

We are here to create this future based on hope, and each heart that resonates with this message is fully prepared to do its part, for this is the reason for having taken embodiment at this time.

May all beings feel the breath of the new moving through them so that even in the presence of challenge and difficulty one can know that light, love, and Divine blessing are infusing each moment of life, influencing the positive outcome of this time of transformation.


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