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Julie of Light Omega

8. The relationship between the self and the One who is All exists by way of a sacred Covenant. This Covenant, made with each soul, expresses the dual promise of God to each created being to love and bless, and the promise of each created being to love and serve the One. The Covenant is not a choice of the mind but a property of the soul. This is the eighth principle of light.

9. Evolution of the soul throughout time proceeds along the lines of the Covenant to return each embodied being back to the knowledge of their spiritual origins. This does not depend upon belief or feeling but is a property of Creation itself.  This is the ninth principle of light.


10. The light of the soul is more powerful than any force of darkness because it contains the highest light of God, being one with that light. The capacity for alignment with that highest light is the teaching and learning of purification, and is an essential part of the soul's journey through time.  This is the tenth principle of light.


11. Those who practice alignment with the soul or higher self will as a result encounter the truth of their own being, for this truth is meant to be lived and expressed on the physical plane. It is the purpose for embodied experience.  This is the eleventh principle of light.


12. No matter what passages through darkness or distortion of truth may be experienced in life, the light of the soul and the truth of the soul remain.  The 'I Am' Presence which is the soul at its deepest core is eternal, unchangeable, pure, and holy, and cannot be touched by anything that is encountered in life. Knowledge of this eternal Presence is the twelfth principle of light. It is the foundation for universal redemption.











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