Reverence for the sacred Earth

Julie of Light Omega

The relationship of the human being to the Earth is meant to be one of harmony and fit, akin to that of hand and glove where the surrounding environment forms a nourishing envelope for the human self, and the human self conforms to the limits of the surrounding environment without stretching, tearing, or otherwise distorting it.  In addition, the element of consciousness is part of this fit, for the relationship of 'hand' and 'glove' is inherently reverential, each recognizing the Divine essence and origin of the other.

This relationship may also be viewed as a sacred partnership, one in which human functioning can enhance the wellbeing of the planetary sphere, and in which the Earth can abundantly support the life of all her inhabitants.

In order to arrive at such a relationship, it is first necessary to rid the consciousness that surrounds the Earth of all that it contains of the belief in separation. This consciousness is largely composed of humanity's collective awareness, and out of this belief have come fear, greed, neglect, and self-seeking in relation to the planetary Whole. A true reawakening of mankind to its Divine origins is needed so that a joining of individual an planetary consciousness can take place not only through mankind's intention to care for the Earth's physical body, but also on the level of soul and spirit. 

This universal awakening is one that will alter the physical environment in ways that cannot be imagined today.  For the physical environment has never truly been separate from the Earth's consciousness.  It has never been separate from the emotional factors which carry a heavily weighted negative energy, capable of pitting one human being against another and  of creating indifference toward others and toward the Earth.

Changing the predominant motivational pattern within collective awareness will inevitably alter conditions in the Earth's biosphere that are currently creating problems for both the planet and for humanity itself.   This is because there is no real separation between consciousness and physical reality - not insofar as it concerns the human body, and not insofar as it concerns imbalances within the Earth's body.  Body and consciousness are one. 

To alter consciousness is to affect such things as: 

  • the increased incidences of skin cancer related to the deletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere
  • the increased incidence of depression related to the covering of darkness that has dwelled upon the Earth, fostering an awareness of painful separation, aloneness, loss of meaning, and despair; and
  • the presence of self-centered goals that place the interests of the self above the interests of others which has led to massive economic inequalities

All of these will change in the presence of expanding light so that man's relationship with the Earth can becomes more harmonious. 

As this shift takes place, a regeneration of life upon the Earth will become possible that has not been seen for millennia.  New species of animals and plants will be born. Problems that have arisen such as the  drying up of lakes, seas, tributaries, and of plains, meadows, and grasslands, will become a thing of the past.  New possibilities will emerge as the Earth becomes more fertile again.

We are at a time now of great and portentous events and decisions that will have an impact on the future of the Earth and on all of her inhabitants.  As the force of light increases and expands to include more and more of human consciousness, this new awareness will create the possibility of a new fit between 'hand' and 'glove' which will be of great benefit to both. It will transform the capacity of human beings to think selflessly.  It will allow them to love without discrimination. And it will foster the experience of unity with others, based on the recognition of divine Oneness that is the underlying basis and origin of all of life.



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