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There is a new science of thought and energy that will come into being as life is understood more fully in spiritual terms.  Such a science already has precursors in ancient and even in modern history, yet is for the most part unknown to the collective awareness.  This new spiritual science will have many levels of expression, yet one of the basic ones is that it will create an understanding of the relationship of thought to energy, and of energy to the energy bodies of others, both human and non-human.


A fundamental premise of this new science is that thought is energy, not physical energy, but part of a continuum of spiritual energy that affects and is part of life as a whole.  The purer, clearer, and more light-filled the thought, the more potent or directed can be the energy which it liberates.  Nevertheless, no matter how unclear a thought may be, it still liberates energy in the direction of its content, emotional valence, and motivation.


When human beings recognize the power of thought as energy, they will seek not only to transform themselves at this level, but also recognize the great force for good that exists in the ability to affect the world through one’s own thought/energy process.  In addition to this personal and human-interactive good, there are benefits to the Earth which are countless that can come from liberating thought/energy in ways that are helpful to the Earth.  Two such ways are described here.


First, in the taking down of trees when necessary.  The new consciousness of Earth as sacred will want to undertake such alterations to the Earth’s body in a sacred way and to help the Earth heal and readjust as part of this process.


One can, in this context, prepare trees for being cut down by thanking them for what they have given and by acknowledging their presence and consciousness.  One can also, through directed thought, help them redirect their life-force prior to being taken down so that this life-force begins to flow back into the earth rather than up into the branches and leaves.  Redirecting the life-force back into the earth is what happens naturally as trees are cut down, since life-force is energy and the life of each tree is also part of the life of the Earth.  Nevertheless, it can take a much longer time.  To prevent shock and distress to trees or to the body of the Earth, energy/life-force can be re-directed as a preparation for life leaving the tree-form and re-entering into the oneness of the Earth’s body.  This can help both the trees and the Earth in recovering from the sudden interruption in the flow of physical and spiritual energy.


Secondly, in preparing to dig into the Earth for any reason such as the creation of a well for water or other necessary opening, the ground can also be prepared to re-direct its energy flow so that a space is made prior to the forcible opening that takes place.  This co-creative effort, assisted by human beings, can help re-direct the Earth’s energy flow away from the intended opening, and one can ask in prayer that the Earth Mother do the same in order that the delicate energetic network of life be maintained.  This will enable an opening to be created that will cause no harm.  As with the trees, such readjustment and redirection of energy will happen in any case after the well is dug or other opening is created.  However, those who seek to assist the Earth and to cause the least harm to the bio-energetic field which is her body, can learn to work in harmony with the Earth through their co-creative conscious thought process.


Implicit in this new science of thought and energy will be the understanding that all consciousness is interactive, and that what one does on the interior mental level affects things outwardly as well.  In this regard, the bio-physical body of the Earth is affected by the consciousness of those who inhabit the Earth, and is healed and restored or depleted and degraded, depending on one’s outlook, attitude, and underlying feeling concerning a shared reality.


Those who seek to preserve and enhance the sacred life of the Earth know these things intuitively.  Yet the self-empowerment to take such knowledge to the next level of healing action is often lacking and needs the credibility of spiritual science in order to activate  efforts of a more potent kind.  In this regard, one need always remember that all of life, energy, and consciousness are part of One living Whole, and so what one holds within the self, however silently, can contribute to or detract from the good of the Whole as well.



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