Chapter in 'Between Parents and Children' e-Book - by Julie


Many parents are uncertain about how to include their children in their spiritual life in a way that can share the joy of learning together about sacred reality.  Some parents have a pre-formed idea of a spiritual orientation and structure that holds the values they wish to teach.  Mny do not have such an articulated or precise idea yet wish to offer something of depth and value. This booklet offers a frame of reference for sharing a spiritual practice with children.  It is a starting point for an intuitive process that can enable parents to shape the spiritual life of their families in a way inspired by their own soul's deepest longings and values.  

The practices described here include:

            Practices in Natural Settings                  

            Creating an Altar-time With Children

            Family Discussions as Sacred Events

            Morning and Evening Prayers

Here is an excerpt from the section on "Creating an Altar-time with Children."

"Creating an altar-time with children is a central-axis of what a spiritual life within families can be about.  For some children, an altar-time will seem entirely natural and they will flow toward it and through it with an intuitive understanding of what it is for and will experience joy in participating in it.  For others, the meaning of 'altar-time' must be taught, as there is not a familiarity within everyday consciousness with its purpose. 

For both adults and children, an 'altar-time' is a time to separate from the more practical concerns of the day and to turn toward God from the place of the heart and soul that seeks to hold all of life in the greater light of God.  Children may not understand all of what this means, but they will understand the importance of this special time if parents treat it as important and if it becomes a practice that is held in a regular way."

The five recordings which accompany "Creating a Spiritual Life within Families" are intended to help parents further their own spiritual development as well as that of their family.  "Creating a Spiritual Practice within Families" is part of the e-Book "Between Parents and Children," available in the Light Omega Bookshop.



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