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Chapter in 'Between Parents and Children' e-Book - by Julie


This writing is for parents or other caretaking adults involved with the lives of children.  There are many souls who have been and are incarnating now as part of a wave of love offered in service to the Earth at this time of planetary transition into light.  For these souls, though they come with greater light, they must still go through a long period of development before becoming able to do what their souls have chosen in service to the Earth and before the full expression of their gifts and capabilities becomes possible. 

The role of parents with these new children is an important one, for they need to create a space large enough to hold the child of light in the freedom of their developing identity, while at the same time creating a 'sphere of protection' around this development so that the interface with the rest of the world takes place gently.  Also, so that the greater sensitivity to environments and energies which is characteristic of many of these children does not create a sense of overload or discomfort. 

'Children of light' have come to the Earth to seed the new values of oneness and unity in love into the collective consciousness of humanity.  In whatever future work they undertake and wherever their life calls them, this is the task that will be the primary one and the central feature of the work they are called to do.  As messengers of the future, the message that each brings is one of love, expressed as the understanding that all are One and one with the Earth as well. 

'Children of the Light' is a guide to the nature of this new wave of light-bearing souls and to the gifts and challenges they bring to parents.  Here is a sample from "The Natural Wisdom of Children":

"The wisdom of the newly arriving children is demonstrated in how they deal with other people, in their forgiveness and tolerance, and in their trust in the goodness of life which leads to a much greater willingness to accept conditions that adults would consider to be adverse at best, and overwhelming at worst, which such children can tolerate with a sense of grace and openness.  In addition, their willingness to understand the motivations of others and to forgive these motivations without a word, even when they have been hurtful, speaks to a quality of heart that has expanded in its light and in its capacity to love with God's love."

Children of the Light is a chapter in the e-Book "Between Parents and Children."  It may be ordered in the Light Omega Bookshop


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