Healing light of the One


Seeds of Light for meditation and healing

How do we hold pain, with God or with a sense of isolation? 

Our sacred bodies are also part of God.

Beloved Ones,

The Calendar of Healing came into being to ease the suffering of many who are being affected by the accelerated process of purification and healing now taking place on the Earth.  This process, resulting from increased spiritual light, creates challenges that are with us both as individuals and as a planet.  In the midst of these, the promise of purification is also with us as the light of God continues to transform and make holy all that has been separated from the light.  In this way does the Earth become a new being and each inhabitant of the Earth take the next step toward their destiny as children of God.

Messages of the Calendar of Healing offer a way of holding pain and suffering of any kind in Divine light and truth so that consciousness can participate most fully in the healing of body, mind, heart, and spirit.  The meditations invoke not only one's own resources to transform things that are in need of change, but also the resources of the Divine and holy light of God. This reliance on light as an effective agent of change is the fundamental principle of purification and healing and it is available to anybody.

Messages from the Calendar of Healing are e-mailed daily for a period of one-hundred days.  Upon signing up, you will immediately receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. PLEASE WATCH FOR IT. When your subscription is complete, an Introduction to the Calendar will be sent to you.  Day 1 of the Calendar of Healing will arrive one day later.


Blessings, Beloved Ones. May this Calendar bring to you a deeper experience of God's Presence with you in all circumstances that life presents.  

 Julie of Light Omega


Please note: A number of recorded meditations have been included to support the use of this Calendar.  These are important in aiding its overall purpose.

The Calendar of Healing is also available as a PDF e-Book in the Light Omega Bookshop.  For other Light Omega Calendars see Pathways of Light.





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