Julie of Light Omega is an emissary of light from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth into a planet of light and Spirit.   Hers is a universal mission, not connected to any particular religion.  Its goal is the manifestation of God's divine Presence on Earth and the Oneness that embraces all.  Julie's purpose and mandate is to assist with the fulfillment of this mission through making available the ancient teachings of light and through transmitting these teachings as both concepts and energy so that a new consciousness and way of life can be anchored and established upon the Earth.

The new energy that is being brought forth at this time belongs to all.  It is simultaneously an energy of divine Love and an energy of awakened consciousness that can recognize Divine reality in and through the mind, heart, and body. 

In this time and period of sacred history, all of the Earth's inhabitants are moving in accord with the purposes of this Divine transition, beyond exclusion on any basis.  Julie's sacred mandate is to bring into awareness knowledge of the Divine Creator as a living Presence within all of Creation, and as the Heart of Hearts that dwells within all. 

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Julie is available to all who seek her counsel and who desire to deepen their connection with their own Divine essence. She may be contacted at Comments.



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