Light Omega
Light Omega is a Divine creation, manifested in time and space but of an eternal nature. Its purpose is to bring forth the ancient principles of light and truth for a waiting humanity, to assist in the transformation of the Earth into a sacred planet.
One World Meditations
Weekly global meditation
with the Hosts of Light.
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Wednesdays, 8:30pm ET
(12:30am Thurs., GMT)
~ Creating the New ~
Books and Poems
Creating a new and sacred way of life
Practice of Alignment
– a gift of the One
Joining the human & the
Light Omega Community
Daily inspiration for heart
and soul offering seed
thoughts for meditation
and practice.
Sacred Relationships
One Earth Awakening
Hosted discussion forum to share, learn, grow. To learn more...
~ Embracing Unity ~
From the Realms of Light and Julie
Teaching the Heart to Sing
Available at
A guide to
shifting consciousness
at the dawn of a new age